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We offer nternet services rangine from emailing, uploading, downloading and using the internet for many purposes.At wideshut its like everything is mostly available conceerning the internet.

Our office has a number of models for fashion, photoshoot, advertisement, tv commercials etc, all male and female and of different age calibre.

Services like MAXCOM, MPESA, TIGOPESA, AIRTEL MONEY and more are available under one roof

We also have training department for those in need of computer applications, accounts and graphics designing tuition.

We have a knowledge of graphics designing, hence creating the best online and offline advertisement, outdoor ads and presentations for office purposes. We also lease with the printing companies and design awesome graphics for printing, business cards, thesis, manuals, newsletters, brochures, cover magazine, and web graphics.

We design and develop some of the best websites in Tanzania using the latest technologies like PHP, MSQL, HTML,, DHTML, JavaScript, and using online template based website.

Here we are experts in desktop and web based applications.

Our office has digital cameras for passport size photos and outdoor photoshoot depending on our client's needs

We provide hardware cleaning for companies and software installation services for windows platform(Windows XP, 7, 8 and other versions)

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